The International Wound Practice and Research Conference (IWPRC), scheduled for 6-9 September 2017, has been deferred.

A key priority for the IWPRC was to launch the International Wound Practice and Research Alliance, and while we have made good progress to establish the Alliance, more work is needed.

As such, the initial Board meeting of the Alliance will be held at the Wounds Australia Conference in Adelaide between 24-27 October 2018. Following this meeting, the date and venue of the inaugural IWPR Conference will be announced.

The decision to defer the IWPRC has not been made lightly by the IWPRC Organising Committee. We are keen that the launch is most successful and this extra time will ensure that outcome. It is vital that this Alliance is strong and well-funded and a strongly supported, scientifically and clinically rich inaugural conference will provide this strong foundation.

We encourage all those interested in the IWPRC to attend the Wounds Australia Conference 2018 in Adelaide as following on from recent Wounds Australia Conferences, this will be a magnificent event and superb opportunity to present and network.

Yours sincerely

Associate Professor Michael Woodward
Chair, IWPRC Organising Committee